100 Books for the Centenary

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One hundred books

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem’s birth we launched a project “100 books for Lem’s 100th birthday.” It will consist of publications in various languages that will be presented on this website. Together they will constitute a unique anniversary collection of books each bearing the LEM2021 logo.

So far the project was joined by twenty eight publishers from more than twenty countries: from the Far East (China, Japan and South Korea), through Europe, to North and South America.

list of publishers

Albatros (Czech Republic) ● Alianza (Spain) ● Aleph (Brazil) ● Alfa Publishing Group (Turkey) ● Antares (Armenia) ● Antolog (Macedonia) ● AST (Russia) ● Colibri (Bulgaria) ● Dook Media Group (China) ● Editorial ART (Romania) ● Guomai (China) ● Hayakawa (Japan) ● Impedimenta (Spain) ● Insel (Germany) ● InterZona (Argentina) ● Kokusho Kanko Kai (Japan) ● Kosmos (Denmark) ● Minumsa (South Korea) ● Mondadori (Italy) ● Móra (Hungary) ● Nebula (Croatia) ● Päike ja Pilv (Estonia) ● Solum (Norway) ● Suhrkamp (Germany) ● Ullstein (Germany) ● Wydawnictwo Literackie (Poland) ● Yilin Press (China)