Год Лема

The future will reject and demolish a great deal of what we assume today to be priceless, irreplaceable, and inviolable. "Entry into Orbit"

The more we try to distance ourselves in thought from the present day, the more future accomplishments will fill us with reflexive objections, protest, anxiety, and distaste. "Entry into Orbit"

Knowledge eliminates amazement, because someone who knows everything cannot
be taken by surprise! "The Cyberiad"

I am an atheist, or rather an agnostic. An agnostic with a liberal attitude toward people of faith.

For literature to be decent, that is, not to lie, is the same as for literature not to be. "A Perfect Vacuum"

No religion can do anything for humanity because it is not an empirical knowledge. "Summa technologiae"

Seven different measures to halt the population explosion, namely: mass media and mass arrests, compulsory celibacy, full-scale deeroticization, onanization, sodomization, and for repeated offenders – castration. "The Futurological Congress"

You climb to reach the summit, but once there, discover that all roads lead down! "The Cyberiad"

Even when on their guard, human beings inevitably theorize. "Solaris"

The world is actually an hallucination of some Superbrain gone berserk in a manner infinite but bounded. "The Cyberiad"