Год Лема

Flu germs are the only beings unfamiliar with worries about housing. "Entry Into Orbit"

If man had more of a sense of humor, things might have turned out differently. "Solaris"

There can be no Virtue without Vice, no Fair without Foul, no Growth without the Grave, no Heaven without Hell. "The Cyberiad"

My art rides into battle precisely where scientific sources begin to reveal their inadequacy, where the might of science turns out to be a trap or labyrinth for the human spirit, where Darwin indeed triumphs over Hegel but in a Pyrrhic victory. "Fame and Fortune. Letters to Michael Kandel"

"My time will come!" I told myself. "It cannot be, for someone to cast forth pearls of eternal wisdom left and right, day and night, till the mind is blinded by the surging Light of Final Understanding—and nothing! No, fame will be mine, acclaim will be mine, thrones of ivory, the title of Prime Mentorian, the love of the people, sweet solace in a shaded grove, my very own school, pupils that hang on every word, and a cheering crowd!" "The Cyberiad"

If the people of the Stone Age had stuck only to what seemed possible, we'd still be sitting in caves today. "Fiasco"

The number of one's possible fantasies is inversely proportional to the amount of one's liquid assets. "Peace on Earth"

If someone were ready to invest $1,000,000 in publicity, you could make a bestseller out of an old phone book. "Letters to Michael Kandel"
If hell exists, then it is probably computerized. "The Megabyte Bomb"

The beneficiaries of maximum amount of joy behave not quite unlike people undergoing torture. "Microworlds"