There can be no Virtue without Vice, no Fair without Foul, no Growth without the Grave, no Heaven without Hell. "The Cyberiad"

"My time will come!" I told myself. "It cannot be, for someone to cast forth pearls of eternal wisdom left and right, day and night, till the mind is blinded by the surging Light of Final Understanding—and nothing! No, fame will be mine, acclaim will be mine, thrones of ivory, the title of Prime Mentorian, the love of the people, sweet solace in a shaded grove, my very own school, pupils that hang on every word, and a cheering crowd!" "The Cyberiad"

Pev't o' tay merlong gumin gots,
Untle yun furly päzzen ye,
Confre an' ayzor, ayzor ots,
Bither de furloss bochre blee!
["The Cyberiad"]

It is always easier to confess that one has done something wrong than to prove that one has not. "The Cyberiad"

There are two wisdoms: the first inclines to action, the second to inaction. "The Cyberiad"

Only he who has sense will take advice that makes sense. "The Cyberiad"

Everyone knows that dragons don't exist. They were all, one might say, nonexistent, but each nonexisted in an entirely different way. "The Cyberiad"

However, there's a good side to everything, including this. "The Cyberiad"

For what, after all, is happiness? That’s as clear as a kilowatt. Happiness is an extraction, or more precisely an extension of a metaspace in which projections of n-intentional determinants diverge as omega approaches alpha, provided of course the asymptotes can be mapped onto a continuous, polyorthogonal aggregate of subsets called cerebrons—after me. "The Cyberiad"