doskonała próżnia

For literature to be decent, that is, not to lie, is the same as for literature not to be. "A Perfect Vacuum"

Were we not able to reshape the monstrous into the correlates of the angelic, we could not endure. "A Perfect Vacuum"

Intellectual masturbation is the contenting of oneself with the promise in place of the delivery. "A Perfect Vacuum"

The writer loses his freedom in his own book, the critic in another's. "A Perfect Vacuum"

Literature in an age of faith does not lie, it only serves. "A Perfect Vacuum"

At the summits of art only the first achievements count, just as, in the history of mountain climbing, it is only the first surmounting of walls unscaled. "A Perfect Vacuum"

Literature always is parasitic on the mind of the reader. Love, a tree, a park, a sign, an earache – the reader understands, because the reader has experienced it. "A Perfect Vacuum"