Lem Cytaty

The only way to deal with technology is with another technology. "Summa technologiae"

The future will reject and demolish a great deal of what we assume today to be priceless, irreplaceable, and inviolable. "Entry into Orbit"

The more we try to distance ourselves in thought from the present day, the more future accomplishments will fill us with reflexive objections, protest, anxiety, and distaste. "Entry into Orbit"

What’s treason when truth is but another way of lying? "Memoirs Found in a Bathtub"

Mystery offers a way out, a way out of all monstrous absurdities. With Mystery, one can at least hope... "Memoirs Found in a Bathtub"

If I showed no mercy to others, then I could show none to myself. "Return from the Stars"

The risk might be ever so great, but the very fact of its existence implies the possibility of success. "The Magellan Nebula"

In man is everything: greatness and weakness, love and cruelty, that which is limited and that which has no limits. "The Magellan Nebula"

Only life lends sense to the world. "The Astronauts"

Only when reflected in the eyes that gaze upon them do the shapes of matter take on beauty and meaning. "The Astronauts"