Lem Year

The more fully man learns about the world, the more limitless the horizons that open before him. "The Astronauts"

To live, in other words to possess a future which will become your present. "Mortal Engines"

Should we land everywhere with weapons of annihilation aboard, in order to smash to smithereens all that surpasses man’s power of comprehension? "The invincible"

Now nothing ages more rapidly than the future. "Summa technologiae"

Flu germs are the only beings unfamiliar with worries about housing. "Entry Into Orbit"

If heredity is indeed faultless, the Earth would still be inhabited by nothing but amoebas. "Memoirs of a Space Traveller: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy"

If man had more of a sense of humor, things might have turned out differently. "Solaris"

There can be no Virtue without Vice, no Fair without Foul, no Growth without the Grave, no Heaven without Hell. "The Cyberiad"
The more one has the power to accomplish, the less one knows what ought to be accomplished. "The Star Diaries"

My art rides into battle precisely where scientific sources begin to reveal their inadequacy, where the might of science turns out to be a trap or labyrinth for the human spirit, where Darwin indeed triumphs over Hegel but in a Pyrrhic victory. "Fame and Fortune. Letters to Michael Kandel"