Mortal Engines

Stupidity multiplied does not cease to be stupidity, only its ludicrousness is increased. "Mortal Engines"

Remarkable, really, the lack of sense displayed by an intelligent being, particularly when beset by circumstances. "Mortal Engines"

Facts have this about them, that the truth is always on their side. "Mortal Engines"

A dream can only be where there is also a reality to return to. "Mortal Engines"

To live, in other words to possess a future which will become your present. "Mortal Engines"

His vessel found itself between two vortices of gravitation called Bakhrida and Scintilla; Bakhrida speeds up time, Scintilla on the other hand slows it down, and between them lies a zone of stagnation, in which the present, becalmed, flows neither backward nor forward. There Heptodius froze alive, and remains to this day, along with the countless frigates and galleons of other astromariners, pirates and spaceswashers, not aging in the least, suspended in the silence and excruciating boredom that is Eternity. "Mortal Engines"