summa technologiae

The only way to deal with technology is with another technology. "Summa technologiae"

One cannot simultaneously make discoveries and avoid taking responsibility for their consequences. "Summa technologiae"

Man desires the most what he cannot have. "Summa Technologiae"

No religion can do anything for humanity because it is not an empirical knowledge. "Summa technologiae"

To prove belief is to destroy it. "Summa Technologiae"

A civilization does not act the way it wants but rather the way it has to act. "Summa technologiae"

Empirical systems lose their validity, while mathematical ones never do. Their emptiness guarantees their immortality. "Summa technologiae"

Man hardly ever knows what he is actually doing – at least he does not know for sure. "Summa technologiae"

An artist is not the one who experiences the world in his own way and expresses it as he knows how, but the one who at the same time imposes his vision on others. "Summa Technologiae"

All information assumes the existence of an addressee. There is no “information in general”. "Summa Technologiae"