the astronauts

Only life lends sense to the world. "The Astronauts"

Only when reflected in the eyes that gaze upon them do the shapes of matter take on beauty and meaning. "The Astronauts"

Never be satisfied with what you've done. Always keep going. We find the workings of this imperative in the life of everyone who has accomplished anything. "The Astronauts"

No machine will make human beings superfluous. "The Astronauts"

Millions of brain cells combine in layers, the layers form fields, the fields make up regions and projection fibers, communicating with each other using harmonic and sub-harmonic currents, and this whole mind-boggling construction full of the play of whirling and alternating currents in concert like music – that's the soul for you. "The Astronauts"

We only know the value of anything at the moment we lose it. "The Astronauts"