The Star Diaries

The more one has the power to accomplish, the less one knows what ought to be accomplished. "The Star Diaries"

In addition, the sirloin which I threw overboard, instead of drifting off into the void, didn’t seem to want to leave the rocket and revolved about it, a second artificial satellite, which produced a brief eclipse of the sun every eleven minutes and four seconds. "The Star Diaries"

It was upsetting for people to think that someday they would be no longer, but not equally upsetting for them to consider the fact that earlier they had never been. "The Star Diaries"

God is Mystery, while Satan represents the personed aggregate of the isolated constituents of that Mystery. "The Star Diaries"

The higher a civilization is, the more dust and refuse it produces. "The Star Diaries"

When it is possible to duplicate the one you love, there is no more loved one, there is only the mockery of love. "The Star Diaries"

It’s comforting to know, when you think about it, that only man can be a bastard. "The Star Diaries"

I had to tell the experts my dreams, which were immediately sorted and classified according to the paragraphs of the penal code. "The Star Diaries"